Purebred Holstein Friesian Society
of New Zealand Incorporated

Neville Turnbull, Secretary/Treasurer
8 Fairfield Road, Levin
Phone: (06) 367 8089
Fax: (06) 367 8079
email: nzphfs@paradise.net.nz
website: www.nzpurebredholsteins.com


The Purebred Holstein Friesian Society of New Zealand wish to extend an invitation to fellow Holstein Friesian enthusiasts to become members of the Society. 

Like minded people have formed this Society with the desire to focus on the capabilities of Purebred Holstein Friesian cattle. The not for profit Society is totally and unashamedly cow focused; as members we believe that Incorporated Societies are just that, incorporated with the aim of developing, in this case, the Purebred Cow. 

We also believe ‘we aren’t reinventing the wheel, we are just fixing it’. We now have the vehicle to put it right, so join in and be part of it. The principles we have adopted are the same principles that our forebears had when they first formed the Association  in 1910.

 The Society offers the following notable features :

●   DATABASE The Society’s Database and Herd Book has besides the registrations, has recording features such as type traits, final scores, four generation pedigrees with provision for another five maternal dams and production details are also included. Entry to the database is free and the registration of either male or female progeny is at the one off cost of $7.00 per animal.
●   MEMBERSHIP The annual membership fees for the Society are -
Full Membership $90.00
Limited Membership $30.00
This is the only fee charged, there is no cow fee.
●   CLASSIFICATION The Society offers a classification service to members at a fee of $5.00 per head and a $20.00 herd fee. Males and females will be awarded type scores up to Excellent 97.
●   SHOWING The Purebred Holstein Friesian Society is an affiliated member of the Royal
Agricultural Society of New Zealand. This is an encouragement to members to compete at A & P shows, improve their herds and therefore the breed as a whole.
●   COMMUNICATION The Society’s Website www.nzpurebredholsteins.com is at present
under construction where you will find the contact information on the Directors,
Rules and By-Laws, Conditions for Classification, Showing etc.


If Purebred Cattle are your desire then the Purebred Holstein Friesian Society of New Zealand would welcome any enquiry from you. 

Neville Turnbull                                     


Contact as above.